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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Delivering The Message

Juf vun fec gere!

Ah! Okay! Remember I said we'd deliver The Message? Well. That's what we're about to head out to do!

Chelsea? Ready?

Yup! Just let me finish my apple!
Okay. Lily? Do you want to come?

ACK! Let me get my tiara on before you show me!

*Ahem!* And get my delicate paws dirty?! Never!
Well, okay! BYEEE!
Okay... which one first?
 This is the list of the kittens we are searching for!




Well, let's look in the barn first.

Chelsea: C'mon Bella! Bella: I'm coming I'm coming!

Yeck! Look at that!

With all the rain look at the puddle. Watch out chicken.
Well, let's keep looking Chelsea.

Chelsea: Hey! There's Mickey!

Misty's Cat Boss okay? Mickey: Who? Bella: Just say alright, okay? Mickey: Umm, alright.

Well, 1 down. 2 to go.

Chelsea: There's Jasmine!

Jasmine: Cat Boss? Sure. Whatever. Just get away from me 'kay? Bella: Do you know where Tarzan is? Jasmine: Yes. He's over there.

Tarzan: Uh, oh. Incoming.

Bella: Ah, Misty's cat boss okay? Tarzan: Yeah. sure, pow! Rawr! Pow, boosh!
Misty! We told the kittens your stupid message!

Misty: Good, and you told them ALL correct. Bella: Yes. Misty: All 3? Bella: Yes! Misty: And they all understood? Bella: Umm, Yes. Misty: You're sure?


Good, good.

I'll have you know that this is very important to me, I think that if I could, I would make it so all the cats in the world-

Chelsea: Bella! I think I saw the bunny!

Stupid dogs.
Well, drat. He got away.

Chelsea: We'll get him next time. HUMAN! LET US IIIIN!

Have a good day!

P.S. Tomorrow I'll show you the greenhouse!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I'm back! ☺

Alright, no one besides my nuclear family reads it, but, I'll post anyway.

Hello again! It's nighttime so I can't do much, but I'll post.
Heywo! I'm back!

I've grown out of my cape though. But Lily wears a tiara! She's so immature.

Yeah? Well at least I don't groom a cat!

Now that's just rude Lily! Tarzan's my friend.

Alright, alright, that's enough! This is my blog. I don't want you ruining it with your dumb fights! Now viewers, Tarzan is Chelsea's kitten friend. I'll show him to you in a minute. First, we need to go meet Misty. She summoned us earlier.
Just up there.

Misty! We're here! Misty: Sorry, who? Bella: My apologies. Queen Misty.

Ah, yes. Enter dog.

Now. I want to speak with you and your, er, friend. Chelsea someone.

It has come to my recent attention that there are others. Bella: Others?

Misty: Yes. Bella: Other...(turns paw in circle to urge Misty on.) Misty: Cats you dumb dork dog!

Bella: Ah. Misty: Now, I want you and your friend to go and see these others and tell them who's Cat Boss around here! I have, other things to attend to. Bella: Are you SCARED of them?

No I am not! LEAVE NOW!!

Well, she certainly was rude. Well, get on tomorrow and I'll show you the cats and deliver the Message. 

                                                            Good bye for now! ☺